Homeschool Learning Lab

Fridays 12:30 to 1:30 

The Homeschool Learning Lab is a series of workshops designed for homeschool students ages 6 to 12.  The curriculum is divided into a different unit each month.  Please plan on attending all of the workshops in one unit.  Class size is limited.  Registration is required. 

january 2018

An introduction to foreign language

Week 1: Spanish with Ms. Maritza

  • Learn about the Spanish Language
  • Listen to a story book in Spanish
  • Learn some Spanish words
  • Do an activity using those words
  • View Rocket Languages and Footsteps to Brilliance
  • Coloring page activity and wrap up

Week 2: Spanish with Ms. Maritza

  • Review of last week’s words
  • Learn a new set of Spanish words
  • Learn a few key phrases
  • Practice with a friend!
  • Listen to a story book in Spanish
  • View Duolingo
  • Coloring page activity and wrap up

Week 3: Russian with Ms. Kim

  • Learn about Russian history and culture
  • Watch a little video of Russian music and dance
  • Look at the Russian alphabet
  • Learn some Russian words and phrases
  • Activity page and wrap up

Week 4: Russian with Ms. Kim

  • Review last week’s words
  • Learn some new Russian words and phrases
  • Look at the Russian alphabet
  • Activity – try to write the alphabet
  • Look at some Russian things and maybe try a Russian treat!
  • Wrap-up!

February 2018

Shakespeare Puppet Theater – Read and act dialogue from a few of Shakespeare’s plays and create puppets to be your actors.  We will cover the Witches scene from Macbeth and the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.  Puppets will be simple handmade puppets made from recycled materials

Week 1 & 2: Lady Macbeth

  • Meet the spellcasting witches of Macbeth
  • Work on your witch puppet
  • Practice dialogue

Week 3 &4: Romeo and Juliet

  • Study the poetry of the love between Romeo and Juliet
  • Meet Mercutio and Tybalt, the villains who want to stop their love
  • Work on your sword fighting puppets

March 2018

Learn about French artists and their particular styles.  Artists include: Henri Matisse, Edgar Degas, Monet and Georges Seurat.

Week 1 Today we will learn about Henri Matisse. We will draw with scissors and create our own goldfish picture.

Week 2: no class

Week 3: This week's French artist is Edgar Degas. Learn about the things he liked to create and then try your hand using oil and chalk pastels.

Week 4:  It's Monet day! Wear old clothes--we will be painting.

Week 5:  Today we will learn about Georges Seurat and pointillism--painting--again!